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...with Italian style

10 reasons Why wall in one

1. Natural origin

The surface and thickness of our wall-in-one panels, both stones and bricks, is made with recycled marble dust. Shaped to get the beautiful wall-in-one result.

2. Depth Color

When light strikes the surface of wall-in-one, it enters in its thickness, scatters, and re-emerges, highlighting multiple layers of color of the marble finishing.

3. Durability

Wall-in-one’s surface is made by combining natural marble crystals with reinforced clear binders. This creates an extremely hard result that is stronger and more durable than stone and marble slabs.

4. Water proofing

Being water repellent, Wall-in-One resist to the cumulative effects of water, humidity, and salt.

5.Weather resistance

No matter what, Wall-in-One panels retain their appearance and integrity. The surface of Wall-in-One can hold up against harsh condition such as sudden temperature changes, strong UV radiation, without any effect.

6. Impact resistance

Wall-in-one’s high impact resistance is portrayed in its resistance to weathering agents such as hail and high winds. This product’s iconic strength is used to prolong a house’s lifetime..

7. Thermal Resistance

Wall-in-one, provides both thermal and acoustic insulation. The greater thickness of the panel has an insulating function. Such thickness could be manufactured to reach any R-value.

8. New System ZEROCUT

The patent pending system ZEROCUT, will keep the continuity of the stones from corner to corner without any cuts. The panels are designed to be interlocked in many combinations to make it impossible to find a pattern.

9. Lightness

wall-in-one panels weigh 4 pounds per sq. ft., it is economical to transport, and easy to handle.

10. Fast to Install

The double interlock system on either side of each panel, provides a guide and concealment method for the attachment fittings. System ZEROCUT makes wall-in-one capable of fitting every size of wall without cutting. Through these systems the wall-in-one panels are quick and easy to install.


ZEROCUT system provides a kit of 4 panels with four different sizes that combined with the standard panel (48 inches) and corner panel (12 inches) can fit any wall size between two corner panels avoiding cuts completely.


Panel Z 12 inch

Panel E 13 inch

Panel R 14 inch

Panel O 15 inch

ZERO calculator

You will know exactly how many panels you will need in order to cover your entire surface by using the new ZERO calculator. ZERO calculator will give you the exact number of each Z E R O C U T Panel you will need for each row. 1.Measure the length of your wall.

2.Input the length in the highlighted box (in inches).
3.Calculate how many rows you will need to complete the entire wall by measuring the height of the wall, then divide it by 2 (2 ft is the height of the panel).

4.Multiply the calculator's output by the number of rows needed.

5.Send an e-mail with all your measurements and calculations to one of our operators to get a quote.

Panel Standard48 x 24 inches

Panel HV (Half vertical)24 x 24 inches

Panel HH (Half horizontal)48 x 12 inches

Panel Quart24 x 12 inches

Panel Corner24 x 7 x 24 inches

The edge of the back of the panel and the front interlocks are designed to provide a double grip, concealing the screws.

Wall-in-One panels are fastened on the existing structure with screws or with glue like insulation spray foam.